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For the last 21 months, I’ve helped countless people to level up their spiritual lives through deep fasting and prayer. Many have experienced breakthroughs, revival, spiritual renewal, healing, financial miracles, and several other signs and wonders. We have the testimonies to prove it.

Life is too short not to be living a life void of real spiritual power. You don't have to be stuck, unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn how to enhance your understanding of spiritual power given to you. Let me help you develop more effective ways to abide in the presence of God. Let me help you to renew, restore, and refocus.

Your life won't be the same.

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Specialized Coaching Sessions & Rates

Transform Your Life

If you’re interested in working with an anointed, spiritual advisor, coaching professional, and relationship strategist, Issac offers many options to help you get started. With over 20 years ministry and professional experience, Issac can help to transform your life. Based on your needs and experience, you can choose from this selection of coaching packages, such as relationship management, premarital counseling, spiritual development, or personal life coaching. Please get in touch for more information or for a more customized package.


$175/3 sessions

Relationship Success or Premarital Counseling

Relationship Success is one of the most popular and successful coaching packages we provide.  Your personal or group sessions are based on the knowledge, experience and strategies I have developed over my many years as a pastor, coaching professional, relationships strategist, and student. These sessions are tailored specifically for you. We will invite you into 3 sessions of 50 minutes. We also consider taking proven relationship and marriage tools such as the FOCCUS assessment. These sessions are worth the investment at this bargain cost.

3 sessions x 50 minutes

$285/4 sessions

Spiritual Development/Mentoring

Mentors need mentors. Championship athletes need coaches. Spiritual and professional growth and goal setting with Issac is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each individual that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching, learning, desires, challenges, and finances. That's why I make my package as flexible as possible. It's also why I dedicate 4 sessions over the course of 4 months (120 days). This is worth your future!

4 sessions x 60 minutes

$75/60 mins

Personal/Life Coaching

With Personal Life Coaching, I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need to live a thriving life. Personal Coaching is a great option for everyone, no matter whether you’re working with a Spiritual Advisor, Coaching Professional, or Relationship Coach for the first time or are a seasoned veteran. Schedule a session today and achieve next level results. I intend to pour into you what I have learned over 21 years of personal development, spiritual enhancement, and academic achievement.

1 session x 60 minutes


Our summer semester for our masterclass is completely sold out. We look forward to your participation in our fall semester which begins in the month of October. Please send an email to to secure your spot on the waiting list.


Introducing Relationships Without Walls

helping you to do relationships better

When I was dating my wife, I messed up. Often. She would say she messed up, too. Over the course of 9 years, we attempted several times to make our relationship work. Unfortunately, every time, we arrived at dead end roads. We experienced delays in our relational development. Past trauma became present struggles. Indecision bred confusion. Ultimately, we suffered relationship breakdown. But, most importantly, we experienced God’s redemption....




If Issac Curry and the Without Walls ministry has been a blessing to you and others, it is only because of the generosity of people like yourself. We are able to do what we are doing because of generous donations and seeds. If you would like to sow into this ministry, please see the below ways to give back.
Thank you in advance.



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You can write a check to P.O. Box 2602, Cordova, TN 38088.

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